We deliver the insight. You grow the business.

A dedicated performance dashboard that delivers exactly the insight you need to grow your business.

Drink it in with your morning coffee.


Clear data

See your data the way you need to see it. Clear, informative charts make reporting and planning a whole lot easier and faster.

KPI tracking

Watch movements and identify trends in your KPIs.


Track forward movement with a clear view of up-to-date actuals and goals.

Correction tool

Maintain data integrity by using our simple correction tool to fix anomalies and normalize your report.

Simple integration

Layers on top of your existing Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and CSV files.

24/7 availability

Access your reports any time you want.



Cross-device access

View the dashboard—and your data—on computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Multiple permission levels

Share the appropriate data with the appropriate team members so your employees are aligned and on board.



Up and Running in 60 Minutes

1. Connect to your data


2. Upload goal/historical data


3. Deploy!